June 16th - world sea turtle day

World Sea Turtle Day, June 16, is a day used to honor and highlight the importance of sea turtles. These creatures, like any other creature, are magnificent in their own way. Not only are sea turtles beautiful animals, but they also show incredible perseverance and resiliency– after all, they have been nesting on beaches for millions of years. So of course they deserve their own day dedicated to their awesomeness!

World Sea Turtle Day would not be rightfully celebrated without mentioning, Dr. Archie Carr, STC’s founder and “father of sea turtle biology.” World Sea Turtle Day is celebrated the same day as Dr. Carr’s birthday, June 16. Dr. Carr will forever be remembered for the enhancement of the sea turtle conservation movement and the legacy he has left behind. His research and advocacy brought the attention to the threatening conditions that continue to impact sea turtles. His work highlighted the issue and helped create the community that continues to strive for a better life and future for sea turtles.


 Archie Carr Tribute: Sea Turtle Conservancy

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#SeaTurtleWeek wraps up with #WorldSeaTurtleDay! Help celebrate the birthday of Archie Carr, the godfather of sea turtle conservation. @seaturtleweek

Today is #WorldSeaTurtleDay! Learn more about the amazing Archie Carr, “the grandfather of sea turtle conservation” whose birthday today is: #SeaTurtleWeek